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  Production Cost

   Each painting costs at least 150 €.

   The at least 150 € is not actually a price as for hamburgers, smartphones or cars. But a kind-hearted share of our daily production costs. And a maximum of five percent of our gallery prices. (Here.)

   That means it costs you about one cup of coffee a week,for a year. (Thanks for the stolen comparison, "Republik").     

   We are investing a year of our lives for it. And realize the new worldwide Social Sculpture "OurNowStory". Inclusive the initial budget.


 You are invited: We need you and your story. Urgently.
 Thank you very much in advance.

  Why The Painting Log?

* Because you can collect an original painting of C.P.Seibt at an affordable price. (1 cup of coffee per week, see left column.)
* Because you inspire, provoke, expand and deepen yourself with this painting. Yes, you.
* Because that will also happen to those,
that you will
present with a painting.
* And because people who live with art,
first change themselves and then find other answers,
actually new questions, evolutionary ideas of the first class.
  So exactly what we need most urgently.
  Which is not a cold theory about you and us,
but a gracious certainty.

  That's why "The Painting Log. Daily".

More about? Here.


   Motives, topics, statements

   "As far as art is concerned, millions of people have been overwhelmed with one question:
"What is the artist trying to tell us?"
Essential, decisive, is only what you say to yourself,
if you live with a painting. It is your painting. It is your life.

  So it fits that I can't give you a motive, a theme.
But I can talk to you about my attitude,
the inner attitude with which I paint a painting

every day for a year.

  Firstly, I am here today, I am present today,

I live intensely in our time.
  Secondly, I am connected with everything

what mkes our life today somehow happy or difficult or successful.
  Thirdly, therefore, the major problems of our time

are also mine.

  One of our three biggest problems is migration,
growing, everywhere, crisis and opportunity.
That stimulates, inspires and challenges daily
my own attention, demands my empathy.
This forms the inner attitude in which I paint.

  That's why my paintings are as they are.
They have no titles.
They are ready for the titles you give them.

Essential is what you are perceiving for yourself.
And make it true."


More about this? Here.

   An open process

   We decided
that we're going to realize "The Painting Log. Daily" for a year.
Every day.

   And we are sure that
with you, with us, this living process
will continue to develop.


   That we, who have always lived in one place
and those who may arrive,
can open wide horizons.
And would.

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