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artistic biography / statements

Models I do not have. I feel relationships
however. Of the width of my interests and
bringing out I am a distant cousin of the
Renaissance artists, by the daily intensity of my
work and my constant developing rather a relative
of the creatoholics of modern art, absolutely,
My position in the art of the present:
If even talking about art already is art, if
everybody is an artist, if the epigonal doer is
called an innovator, if everything works somehow,
if everybody is a star, then all is possible, then the
prices are well-known, but not the values. So is
the art market.
Therefore I create my own area from classical
conditions, demands on me and my attentiveness
of the present. My work does not fit into the
raster of the usual classifications. It is transreal:
on the way, not at the end of a frozen style,
connecting different realities and inviting to
others, abundance. My work points over itself
outside, because it is created out of our old, deep
dwells and common understandings, inviting to
subjective experiencing, from which new
common realities arise.
Spreading of my work:
As a result of biographic coincidences arose that
my work is collected preferably at the USA,
Europe and Japan.

Interviews see "video".

Painting is my earliest memory of my second
year. Now I am eighty-five and I continue working
daily and intensively. I lived in different countries
of several continents and in different cultures.
By biographic coincidences, the combination of
different talents, interests and chances I worked
in various projects, in different areas of life. The
center is always my creative work as an artist. I
develop my awareness, understanding and doing.
Usual learning, usual institutes, usual teachers
have been always not a fit for me. For all
techniques, knowledge and abilities I found in
each case the optimal teachers and institutions. I
learned most by the pictures of all the great
painters before me and by my constant intensive
Off about 1986 I gave up most of my technical
skills, methods, effects and my work became
autonomously, relevant, singular. I found always
sequences in simultaneous motions, directions
(or they discovered myself, of course) to my own
transreal work. My topics, my projects, my
painting develops permanently. My attitude is
constant: I do not arrive, I continue. I do not
create a rigid brand label. I am responsible for my
work, but neither their constructor nor controller,
but part of these developing processes. And I
work incessantly.

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