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Each painting is sent in a satin white box frame, ready to hang.


Each painting comes with a hangar at the back.


Each painting is carefully protected and packaged.


Each painting is signed at the front.


Each painting is signed and dated at the back.


According to your choice we send your painting by post or courier.


   Each painting is done in oil on a MDF board, 12"x12" (30x30cm), painted by C.P.Seibt.

   The board is fixed inside a white wooden frame, in the same size, which protects the painting during the shipping process. It comes with a hanger on the back, and can be hung directly on your wall.

   (Due to different monitor settings, colors may vary from the original painting). 

   Production Cost

   Each painting starts at € 150.

   If you want to secure the daily painting, then you can bid higher.

   The first incoming bid is only valid, if minimum bids are placed. The highest bid is valid once higher bids are placed. All bids with € 150 or higher are valid.

   The bids are not made public. A "hidden bidding" takes place.

   Costs: Shipping is not included in the retail price. For details, please see below.


   How can I purchase the painting?

Make your bid here

with this online form. There is no other bidding.


  * Each painting of the day will be published at 5pm CET.

   * It is available until 4pm CET the following day.
   * No more offers are valid afterwards

5pm CET=

- Berlin 5 pm

- London 4 pm

- New York 11 am

- San Francisco 8 am

- Peking 00:00

- Tokyo 1 am

- Melbourne 3 am

- Moscow 7 pm

   Just asked:

   Yes, there are gift vouchers.

 Yes, we will send you the painting. Wherever.

  Information for You

   The highest bid wins the auction.

   A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately.

   The invoice follows by email for the amount of the bid, plus shipping costs and payment details.


   Conclusion of contract:

   A contract is automatically concluded with the highest bidder when the  confirmation email is sent.


   Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer, and can take up to 10 days.
   Details are shown in the invoice.


The painting will be sent to you between 2 - 5 business days after receiving payment.

Delivery time and costs are as follows:

Regular shipping:
Within Greece:

- 5 days / free of charge.

For the rest of Europe:

- 10 days / € 17.-.

Outside of Europe:

- 15 days / € 28.-.

By courier:

Within Europe: 

- 4 days / € 39.-.

* Outside of Europe:

- 5 days / € 45.-.


   Return Policy

 Full refund minus shipping costs if returned within 30 days.

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