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C.P. Seibt

   I am first of all an artist with diverse experience in many amazing fields. My work is spread out in more than 1.000 private homes in more than 40 countries.

   I’ve studied and practiced several knowledges and know hows, lived and worked in various cultures, with nomads in a desert, with zen monks in a monastery, with academics of one or the other campus, with leaders of top 100 companies and owners of very small ones, worked with blue collar workers and so called ordinary people, was surviving within refugees, liberating modern digital slaves, survived in different extreme situations, still mentoring adults and children.

   Currently my wonderful wife Heidi and I are located on the island of Paros, Greece. My workshops, coachings and mentoring services are rare, called by the participants: stupendously unique and useful, in high demand, helping, motivating, and inspiring people on how to live the way they desire.

   To implement the processes of teachlearning I founded years ago  the Nomadic Academy.

   Among my published works are „The New Nomads and All 7 Tools of Change“, „Stoics for Managers“, „Management and Machiavelli“, The „Artist?Artist! Papers“ and many columns. 

   Within my 84 years I learned this and that, experienced very different knowledges, made some mistakes and took one or the other detour. Now, in my indian summer, I create, coach and teach what I discovered, more than ever fascinated by creation, existence, the uniqueness of human beings and how able they are to live their life.

C.P.Seibt, "Talking about Art", a cycle of personal statements, published on social media in 2018.

Heidi and Peter Seibt:

   Together we realized two worldwide Social Sculptures from 2013 - 2017: "365 "Paintings for Hope" and "Hope&Give".

   Now we agreed to give more than one year of our lives for " The Painting Log. Daily." and "The Story Out Of All Our Stories".

   And we invite you, looking forward very much.


   Imagine, how welcome you are.

Our reasons in short:

   It's simple:
   * Our big problems will be solved if we change something.
   * A person who lives with art changes.
   * The one who changes finds new questions and new answers.
   *As a result of this alone a single person can change everything.
   * Therefore these pictures at this price.
   (Costs as much as a cup of coffee every week of a year.)
   We're doing this because that's what we can contribute.
   So that many people live with art,
are changing and are therefore a chance.
A unique opportunity for the unique idea,
we need so urgently.

Thank in advance you for probably having the decisive, unique idea.

   In the overall high-pitched noise, that might sound naive.
It's not. It's extremely realistic and practical:
The cold war was ended by a single man.
The life raft was created by a single woman.

With this little homemade video we started the social sculpture "365 Paintings for Hope".

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of people from all over the world.

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