Yes, I want today's painting #865

Please remember that your offer must be at least € 150 or higher.

Delivery time and costs are as follows:

Regular shipping:
Within Greece:

- 5 days / free of charge.

Within Europe: 

- 10 days / € 17.-.

Outside of Europe:

- 15 days / € 28.-.

By courier:

Within Europe: 

- 4 days / € 39.-.

Outside Europe:

- 5 days / € 39.-.

Alone. Not Lonely. With art.

We give you a painting
that you'll give away.

You're gonna bid on a painting here?
And you would like a second painting, which we give you?

So that you can give it to someone who shouldn't be lonely now?

Thank you.

After the bidding,

please go here:

You don't have money

to bid for a painting now?
But you want a painting

we can give you?

For someone who shouldn't get lonely now?

Thank you.

Please go over here and write a little about this person who shouldn't get lonely. And the name and address.