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daily painting #01-ps

Daily Painting #01-PS

oil on panel, 11x11 inch, 28x28 cm

These are Peter´s last paintings ever and not to be purchased yet.
To keep you from feeling too sad, we give you three more options that we hope will comfort you.

1. You notify Heidi of your interest in the original in case she is willing to give them at some point.

2. You can get a canvas print of these last paintings. These are the same size as the originals, 30x30 cm or 11x11 inch, also in a white wooden frame.

3. There are still some Daily Paintings that have not found a home yet. You can find them here.
The gallery view of Peter's paintings can be a bit overwhelming. We suggest clicking on an image and scrolling through individually.

If you are interested in one of those options just send an email.

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