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   I live on an island in the Aegean Sea.
   Almost every day I am in the sea, at noon. This summer I suddenly realized that I was swimming in a mass grave, in a breathtakingly beautiful mass grave.
   That evening, we started this project.


   Here are the facts about this story, which is happening right now. This is how we could tell it to each other:
   Every 2 seconds a person gets up and flees. (If you count 2 seconds once - that goes by very fast.)
   * That's 30 people every minute. 16,329,600 people this year.
Over 70 million people have been on the road for quite some time. 260 million people no longer live where they were originally born: So-called migrants.

   This changes innumerable fates, and the whole world.

   What can art do?
   Not much.
Art can’t protect people, who flee,
from persecution, nor from bullets, bombs, poison,
pestilence, starvation, or drowning.
   I can't protect anybody either who must get up and flee now.

   Awareness and attitude
Artists must perceive what is as attentively as possible. NOW. Here.
So I accept the anxiety, the fear,
the deathly, the happiness of survival, the trembling arrival, and the life without comprehensive certainty within me.
(This is  more than natural to me: I was a refugee myself, in many places and at many times. And I arrived, here and there, again and again).


   all of this is not what I paint, not a so-called motif or theme or concept.
   It reaches me, informs me, stimulates, and inspires me. It demands me, daily, absolutely needs my attention, and demands my empathy.
   This complex perception forms the inner attitude from which I paint.
   That's why my paintings are as they are.
They have no titles. They are ready for the titles to be given.
   What is undeniable is what you perceive from it for yourself.
   And to make it true.

   This is how:
   A person,


   lives with the art.
This person,
   increasingly recognizes more, and goes further, longer, and deeper.

   You change reality, if you live with art.

   That's a certainty.
   I trust in it, of course, and that, as always, a single individual can change everything.

  And maybe that person is you?

  That's what I work for.

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