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10 / 20 / 20   #693

All daily paintings have dates and numbers, but no title. You can, therefore, give a title of your own, if you so wish.

Oil on a coated MDF board, 11,3  x 11,3 inch  /  29,7 x  29,7 cm,
painted and signed by C.P.Seibt.
The board is inside a white wooden frame, 11,8 x 11,8 inch / 30 x 30 cm,
with a hanger on the back.




If you love and collect art and share it with others, then maybe 

this started exactly when you really wanted to begin.  

Antoine de Werd, collector, (The Hague, The Netherlands):

“A visit to an exhibition of Kandinsky in the Centre Pompidou in Paris 

was an eye-opener for me."  (#LarrysList)



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