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daily painting 6-6-20 #557

6 / 06 / 20   #557
All daily paintings have dates and numbers, but no title. You can, therefore, give a title of your own, if you so wish.

Oil on a coated MDF board, 11,3  x 11,3 inch  /  29,7 x  29,7 cm,
painted and signed by C.P.Seibt.
The board is inside a white wooden frame, 11,8 x 11,8 inch / 30 x 30 cm,
with a hanger on the back.




When you live with art, you discover. 

Eugenio López Alonso, collector, museum founder (Mexico City):

"Art allows me to understand how the world can be seen and how it can be re-imagined by artists.
Collecting allows me to delve into the complexity of this process, and most of all,
to share with other people artworks by different artists."

To discover the world through the complexity of the creative process. Over and over again. And to share it. 



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