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Welcome to your private appointment at the studio of C.P.Seibt


We'll pick you up by demand.

Area of Elitas.


Location of the studio at Elitas, watch the road sign with the blue spot.


from Noussa:


On your road to Parikia

* you’ll  pass a bakery at your right

* a gas station at your left,

* a second hand furniture shop at your left+

* approaching an alley wit beautiful trees on your right

* and soon the chappel (see the photo)

 where you can park easily.


There we pick you up, 3 minutes from the studio.


from Parikia on your left, from Lefkes / Marpissa on your right.:


* you’ll see a road sign, indicating in Greek and English „ELITAS“.






 There we pick you up, 2 minutes from the studio.

... in case of:

+30  6942771779


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