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You want to be happy, to give someone a present and thereby to make our present-day even more worth living? Fabulous. Especially because you can do it easily, simply and with love. This is where it begins:

How it works. It's almost magical.
   I'm giving someone a painting. This person lives with this special painting. So he or she changes, perceives further, more deeply and differently.

   Therefore this person comes up with new ideas, new decisive answers. So exactly what we need, urgently, in the loud, helpless confusion.

   Our world becomes even more worth living in. Why? Because you are giving this painting away. Fabulous, isn't it?

Here are
just a few occasions
(out of probably hundreds!) to give art and thereby give another person the chance to become a chance. (See above.)

* Achievements * Anniversaries

* Appreciation of ... * Baptism * Births

* Birthdays * Christmas * Easter * Exams

* Funerals * Inaugurations * Mother's Day

* Move-in´s * New Year's Eve * Recovery

* Religious festivities * Thanksgiving

* Valentine's Day * Because you love it.

You can greatly improve the chances of new ideas

in business
if you involve employees, customers and people who are important to you. And we have some ideas for you:

* Achievements * Anniversaries

* Career change * Foreign contacts

* Holiday gifts

* Business partner * New and longtime clients * Retirement * Staff appreciation etc.


You want to give away a daily painting? 

   * We do it with an attractive voucher. For a fortunate person who will redeem it at some point. If you do not want to hand over your gift yourself, we will send it for you.

   * You want to give away several paintings? With pleasure. See above.

   * You want to give away 10 paintings to people for a good charity? Congratulations. We will give you the 11th one for our part.

   * You want to reserve the painting of a certain date in the next 11 months? Lovable idea. We do that.

   * You have other ideas? Please let us hear from you. It's quite magical.

Just send us a line or two. Here:

We'll send it for you.
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