Alone. Not lonely. With art.


We give you a painting,
that you give away.

Give it to a person who is now alone:
Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, relatives, friends, neighbors, other persons,
a person who is now alone, but should not getting lonely.

Loneliness is a gloomy disease.
You can make a difference, that it doesn't break out.

We'll make it easy for you.

 We are not living together. Now. Suddenly.
  Now, suddenly many of us can't live near each other. Those are alone and have to learn not to be lonely, especially older people: parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, strangers. Every visit is a danger for them.
  Fortunately, in many countries, the most important things are done for them.
  But they must learn to be alone, but not lonely.

  And the children, grandchildren, friends, must learn to bear that they must not be close to them.
  More than mottoes, quick advice, apps, or forgetting, art helps against loneliness. It helps to create an intuitive dialogue with oneself in a comfortable and friendly way, just like it has done since ancient times.

  We are entirely sure of this and contribute to it:

 The gift.  

  If you decide on a painting here - or not - then we'll give you one to go with it, that you give to someone who needs to learn not to be lonely. We enclose a small, useful piece of advice on how to enter into a dialogue with a painting efficiently. And have so much better chances to be alone with yourself, but not lonely.
  (We will then send you the little advice too. Perhaps you will then want to chat about your experiences with a painting, which could work wonders.)

  Please write "gift" and maybe "grandma" or "grandpa" or "girlfriend" or whoever you want to give a gift to.
  We will then choose a fitting painting and do the rest.

  Believe it: Do you know a person you want to give a painting as a gift? But don't have the 150.- € for a minimum bid? Then we will give you this so that you can make a gift. We only charge the postage.


You don't have money

or you do not want to bid for a painting now?
But you want a painting

which we can give you?

For someone who shouldn't get lonely now?

Thank you.

Please go over here and write a little about this person who shouldn't get lonely.
And the name and address.

You're gonna bid on a painting here?
And you would like a second painting, which we give you?

So that you can give it to someone

who shouldn't be lonely now?

Thank you.

After the bidding,

please go here: