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It is summer.

We are in the studio with friends. Paintings are everywhere.

Silvia, suddenly: “Gifts. They would make wonderful gifts. People should know!”.

Wolfgang: “All”. “All what?”. “All paintings, everyone”. And that is how it all started.


It´s  the season for gifts. Soon there will be a lot to celebrate:


 holidays, birthdays, weddings, name days and other happy events, including a new year.

What to give? To whom?

These are the right questions, and this is the right moment. 










This is the selection:

Here is our creative suggestion:

you give a piece of art!

A precious surprise

that will last forever.

Bringing happiness to both

you and the lucky recipient. 

We will make it easy for you.

You choose the gift, and we will do the rest.

The price of a painting

does not reflect its value.


You decide

what the painting is

worth to you,

and you make us an offer (plus shipping and handling costs).


We reserve the right to accept or refuse your offer if it is not reasonable.






Never has such a gift been given before.


You choose the recipient whose name will be immortalized

in an abstract painting by C.P. Seibt.

The artist has developed a unique approach of creation.
Inspired by the name of the recipient to create layers of colours that reflect the artist’s interpretation of the recipient.

The recipient’s name will be forever imbedded in the painting as in amber.



Of course, time is needed to create this painting.

It will be 50 x 50 cm, 20 x 20", oil on wood,
Price: USD 3´000.-


A truly special gift which has never existed before.

Who will it be for?

For yourself?

For someone else?



There will be no more than ten paintings.

They will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

Just click the image above.

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